Summer Heat

We Brits are fickle about the weather. 

We complain when it’s too cold, too windy, too wet or too hot. We complain especially when the country’s main weather provider, the Met Office, is unable to predict our changeable weather from one day to the next. I reserve special animus for this forecaster’s tactic of getting it all wrong, again, then updating their site on the day in a shameless attempt to pass it off as though they had known it all along. 

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Said a father to his son- a poem- read by June Marlow

Here’s one I wrote for a local campaign. It seems that our lovely Devon countryside is disappearing with indecent rapidity to build more and more poor quality houses.
Sustainable development is one of the new catch phrases of our age that is sold to us by dishonest politicians. It sounds great- who wouldn’t want all development to be sustainable? The reality is far from it…