About Me


Hi, my name is Jim. I’m not a writer, but wanted to get my thoughts, feelings and life experiences down on paper- or wherever it goes these days.

I started this blog as ‘a diary of a cancer diagnosis,’ but it’s much more than that. I hope it won’t all be about Cancer- or not at all eventually, but my observations on life and the things and people I love.

I hope not to be morbid or miserable, but to do it with a dash of humour and a large helping of honesty.

Now, just to turn some of you off from the start, I’ll tell you who I am; (ducking the imaginary bullets!)

I’ve been married for 21 years and have two children. Besides my family, I love dogs, particularly my Border Terriers, the natural world, sport of any description and all manner of other things that life has to offer.

I’m a Police Officer (ducking again, whilst gritting teeth) of 29 years service, flawed human being, Christian and optimist. I’d like to think I have a sense of humour (you be the judge)and an ability to read people. I’m not loud or brash but quiet and thoughtful, except  on the odd occasion, when I can be brought out of my shell. I try to be a loyal friend, once I’ve made my mind up.

Thats it- As honest as I can be!