Made in China

It’s been over a year since I last posted and so much has happened that I couldn’t possibly catch up. Or it would be such a long post as to make it unreadable. Instead I have tried to encapsulate these strange times in
in a poem- Made in China…

Demonise the unvaccinated,

In psychological warfare implicated, 

Fear and division created,

Communities hated and re-educated or exterminated,

Communist totalitarian appetites satiated.

‘Trust the science’ stated

Questioning the data berated and excoriated, 

We cowered and isolated.

Omicron variant abated,

Severity overstated,

Truth belated,

WEF related,

The people indoctrinated,

Rights eradicated,

Vaccine passports postulated,

Authoritarians placated.

Where did it all go wrong?

Personal Responsibility abrogated,

Celebrities adulated,

Character assassinated,

Diversity elevated,

Schools and churches incapacitated,

Families separated,

Businesses administrated,

Wealth accumulated,

Populations capitulated,

Mass psychosis propagated, 

NHS venerated and consecrated, 

Golden calves erected,

Like King Canute, the waves of PPE pollution crashed unabated,

Environmental damage exacerbated,

MSM collaborated,

While politicians and experts fornicated, confabulated and fabricated.

Meaning appropriated,

History junked and neglected,

Culture misappropriated,

God-forsaken and rejected,

Masked but unprotected,

Fear projected and infected.

Unprecedented, over exaggerated, 

Sensationalised, discombobulated,

Intimidated, alienated,

Premeditated, calculated,

melodramatized, overstated,

Commercialised, manipulated, 


And made in China

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