Poem- The Activist’s Alphabet

The Activists Alphabet- a guide for the budding hypocrite..(Please don’t be offended) 

A is for activist- it’s what I am 

B is for Bigot -it’s what YOU are,

C is for Compassionate – it’s my middle name,

D is for Diversity and Denier (especially of climate change).

E is for Equity and Equality too,

F is for Future stolen by you,

G is for Girl, a thing of the past,

H is for Heterosexual, you may be the last.

I is for inclusive but alas not for you,

J is for Justice but just for the few. 

K is for Kind, it’s what you must be, or I’ll denounce you and shame you, you bigoted B….

L is for Lesbian, erased by Trans,

M is for Misogyny and goes with Man.

N is for Nanny-State, hurtful words they will ban,

O is for Oatmeal to go with your bran.

P is for Pride – the original sin,

Q is for Queer and goes with LGB and I -and A -and plus, so we can add others in who agree with us.

R is for Rainbow our altar and cross

S is for Shame, we have none of course. 

T is for Transphobe -all who question our right, to indoctrinate your children without challenge or fight.

U – must respect my pronouns!

V is for Virtue-signalling and Votes though it doesn’t really matter which way you go.

W is for WMD in Iraq and elsewhere, he lied, people died, still we trust Tony Blair?

X marks the spot where your vote used to count,

Y is for You will own nothing and be happy, (the WEF taunt).

Z is for zee, for Zey and for Zem- these are my pronouns YOU MUST RESPECT THEM! 

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