A Poem- The Jersey Tiger Moth

22nd August 2018 – For Kelly, Simon and the boys…

The Jersey Tiger Moth

A gift unwrapped,

When takes to wing,

Reveals a yet more wondrous thing.


A warm orange inner-glow,

An August fire, a West End show,

Riotous chorus girls kicking toe,

Shake coloured petticoats below.


To the purple Buddleia she clings,

And folds her ribboned, gift-wrapped wings,

Though brief her visit, we can be sure,

Her soul the Angels now adore.


For no ordinary moth this butterfly disguised,

In brilliant light she flies,

Fearless of the unseen foe,

Her tiger stripes on show.


And though this life be all too brief,

Our days like grass; like wildflowers to bloom and die,

The colours of our souls live on,

In hearts and minds, set free, they fly. 


22nd August 2018.

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