Poem- October Sun

30th October 2018.

Across the bridge to Shaldon in the October sun,

The fish in shallow water dart then circle round as one,

I squint toward the salty land, exposed by ebbing tide,

And on summer’s last breath,

Watch the seagulls ride.


Concentric rings still waters break,

The circling fishy dance does make,

Hold close the summer as she dies,

The Gulls shout out their hunger cries.


Warm October sun shines on me,

Late lizard-like move easily,

I savour warm the Autumn air

Last sail of summer’s sun set fair.


A shake of the snow globe, the Oystercatchers take flight,

And glitter as they rise and fall, white underwings catch light,

‘Kleep-kleep’ they call, a chatter crowd,

Enjoying sun and absent cloud.


The sea winks and blinks her deep blue eyes, 

Creased against the cloudless skies,

Contented breeze I heard her sigh,

On sandy cheeks the salt-tears dry.

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